The forests where humans live, work, and play provide numerous environmental, social, and economic benefits from shade, clean air, stormwater interception and aesthetic appeal, to increases in property value and savings on heating and cooling bills. Despite their important role, we often take our urban trees for granted, not fully appreciating the services they provide or understanding the liabilities they can become. At Wildwood, our ISA Certified Arborists can help you better understand the benefits or potential risks associated with the trees in your landscape, around your business, or in your community.

There are many skilled and reputable contractors who can prune and maintain healthy trees or remove hazardous trees, but Wildwood is not among them. Because we are not in the business of generating removal or pruning work for ourselves, we believe this makes us the best choice for an unbiased assessment focused only on the goals of our client.

Tree Inventories: Tree inventories evaluate the current state and future trajectory of the trees in a landscape. Whether the scale is a quarter acre residential lot, a county park, or an entire municipality, a tree inventory can be used to observe and monitor current tree health issues, prepare for the arrival of known insects and diseases, plan ongoing maintenance, and perform cost benefit analyses of the trees in your landscape.

Tree Protection Plans: Planning for the protection of trees during new construction is critical to the preservation of the countless benefits they provide. This kind of forethought will help maintain the viability of your landscape and the urban forest and for this reason is required by some communities before new construction begins. We can create a tree protection plan for your project that identifies the best candidates for preservation, identifies the necessary practices to mitigate harm, and supervise the implementation of these practices.

Tree Risk Assessment: Knowing when a tree becomes a liability may be the most important information a tree owner needs to know. We maintain an arborist on staff with the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) credential to perform systematic assessments of the risks associated with your trees.

Fire and the Wildland Urban Interface: Fire is a natural and beneficial part of forest ecosystems, but you only have to remember back to the fall of 2016 to understand the devastation it can cause when residential dwellings are located within or adjacent to fire prone landscapes. While using prescribed fire during moderate conditions is a good way to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire, this is not always possible inside city limits or in areas of higher density development. We can help you evaluate the vegetation around your home or community and make a plan to reduce your wildfire risk.

Other Urban Forestry Consultations

  • Tree planting recommendations
  • Assistance with tree ordinances
  • Tree preservation planning